TO THE ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES AT FAIRMONT REHAB. First I want to thank some of the employees I met over there for the wonderful care they gave me, calling each other during the night to let them know how I was doing, plus cleaning me up every 4 hours, I can’t say thank you enough. Mary Scott, her office was across the hall, always said Good Morning with a big smile on her face, made my day. Tony, Rose Marie, Annetta, Bev, Manning, and all the others, as well took care of me. My Pill ladies, Lilly, what a great lady, always happy as well as Wilma and Mary.

I forgot, there was Christina and Daisy as well who helped me. My house keeping ladies, Josie always had my room clean, aired out and smelling good as well as Leonora. Now for my therapist’s Mike, Gina, Lisa, Venus, Nichol, and most of all Josh, who I will never forget, he was so good to me. I learned to know each and every one of you, and deep in my heart J will never forget. Mrs. Manning, you have a wonderful working employee’s I do appreciate all of them If, there is someone I missed I am sorry, just could not remember all the names. Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Nadeen D.


Thank you so much for the care. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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I am very thankful for being here that I will recommend the facility to anybody. The FRH employees are very nice & friendly, they give excellent service & I could not ask for more. For sure, I want to come back here again.

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My father and I were both appreciative for the care our father receives. He will return & said he will recommend this place with his friends & families.

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