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On May 10, 2017, Fairmont Rehabilitation Hospital hosted a successful open house celebrating their local public servants in honor of Public Service Recognition Week. The celebration was a fun time filled with family, friends, food, games, and awards. Randy Tu, Administrator at Fairmont said, 

“I gave the Mayor of Lodi and his wife a personal tour of the facility and they were both very impressed with what they saw but they were even more impressed to learn of the two “Zero” deficiency surveys Fairmont Rehabilitating Hospital had for 2016.”

Mayor Kuehne’s wife, a former Director of Nursing Services at another skilled nursing facility in Lodi, commended Rand, his team, and the facility as she understands the difficulty of their accomplishment. 

The open house was very well attended with guests from various Home Health and Hospice agencies. In addition, there were 5 doctors in attendance and one, in particular, had his office staff call to let us know that he would be making time to swing by before the Open House even though he had prior engagements. That particular doctor said he felt he needed to come by and show his support for Fairmont as we have done such a wonderful job in caring for his patients.  Another doctor had his office manager make sure to leave time open in his schedule so that he would be able to attend the open house.

We are very grateful to all who attended and made our open house a resounding success. We are so proud to serve and be a part of and the Lodi community. Thank you to everyone for taking the time out of their day to stop by. We look forward to another successful community event in the future.